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Catch 1.6

Never miss an episode Catch is the easiest way to use ShowRSS on OS X. It'll take care of everything. New shows will be downloaded as they are released. Quiet Runs in the menubar, and won't slow your Mac down one bit. Notification Center...


QCast 1.81

QCast is an accessible, intuitive and full-featured podcast player for your Windows or Mac desktop. With QCast you can: - Listen to thousands of podcasts from all over the internet, right from your desktop. - Automatically receive new episodes as they...

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4Sync 2.4

4Sync for Mac is a free service that makes all the files at your Mac streamlined and stored in one place, but accessible anywhere you want. This service synchronizes your photos, music, zips, videos, docs, etc. between all your devices. You just have to...


Torpedo 1.2.1

SHORT-TERM FILE SHARING Share files, passwords, and more with self-destructing private links. DRAG-AND-DROP UPLOADS - Drag any file to the menu bar. - Choose 48 hours or single download. - Share your link. - Torpedo will copy it to your clipboard...

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ClipGrab 3.4.0

ClipGrab is an open source downloader and converter for online videos. It currently supports, among others, Vimeo, Dailymotion. Many other sites are supported via the heuristics filter (e.g. several adult sites and many many generic sites). ClipGrab can...

Bitcoin sCrypt

Bitcoin sCrypt

The Bitcoin sCrypt graphical user interface for the Mac OS. This is version which fixes the issue with blockchain and changes the AppData folder. After unzipping the client should synchronize on its own.Requirements:Any problems synching client...