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AstroAppX 2.15

Our software currently offers desktop remote control and mobile MP3 music streaming. The desktop remote control module allows a single user to control a remote desktop with up to 9 additional users viewing the same desktop. Our music streaming module...


SpearNZB 1.0.3

SpearNZB has been in development for a little under one year. As a programmer there is nothing better than writing code that is useful, and this program has been useful to me. Even though there are a few applications that have similar features, I couldn't...

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FMenu 3.1

FMenu is a menu extra providing customizable Growl notifications about various Facebook events, a menu to easily access common Facebook pages, and a count of your messages, pokes, events, friend requests, wall posts, and photo comments. Please note: a...


Bluebird 1.0 Beta 3

Bluebird is yet another endeavor by {13bold}: introducing a Twitter client that's designed with you in mind. Bluebird, like Bowtie, is themeable with HTML and CSS, which allows for an immense degree of flexibility in the way you view your tweets....


Incoming 1.4.2

Incoming! is a twitter search client designed for power users and social media experts. It lets you cut through the noise and find the tweets that matter to you most -- so you can follow your favorite topics or keep track of what users are saying about...


myBlogEdit 3.4.1

myBlogEdit is 'Featured Download' at apple.com.myBlogEdit is an easy-to-use weblog editor focusing on the most important functions for blogger with easy to use features and a clean user interface. Why should you hinder yourself by using the slow and...

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Acqlite 0.4.2

Acqlite is Gnutella file sharing client written in Cocoa. It is based on LimeWire, Acquisition and Cabos. It is free software, no spyware, no adware. GUI Features Simple sidebar interface 27 multi languages support iTunes iPod iPhone integration Metadata...


River 1.8

This utility helps Mac users to serch (and find!) torrent files. River use most important torrent portal on the web. Open River and type word to search. Drag a file or a folder to search the torrent element's name.What is new in this release:Update engine...