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ZiiTrend 1.0

ZiiTrend is a user-driven online community for predicting future events and trends. Whether you are a casual user, professional, or domain expert, our Web site can help you in predicting future events that are important to...


Badoo 1.0

Badoo is already the world's largest and fastest growing social network for meeting new people as proven by the millions who have joined and the hundreds of thousands who sign up daily. Badoo also continues to develop new features and fun games to keep...


FileMail 1.0

First, the files you want to send are uploaded to one of several FileMail servers. Files are encrypted on the servers using a 128bit AES algorithm to ensure security and privacy. A small e-mail is delivered to the recipients, containing a short message...


Cuil 1.0

Cuil searches for and ranks pages based on their content and relevance. When it finds a page with your keywords, it stays on that page and analyzes its content, concepts, their inter-relationships, and the page's coherency. Then Cuil offers you helpful...

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Qlubb 1.0

Qlubb is a Web-based social collaboration solution that helps any group of people get online, get organized and get on the same page. Qlubb takes just two clicks to start and requires no user registration - just a group password. Simple, straightforward...


Multiply 1.0

Store - unlimited storage for your blog, photos, videos, music, etc. Share - post for your friends, your family, or your entire social network. Discuss - multiply's exclusive live replies turn your content into fun, lively...


PhoneFavs 1.0

PhoneFavs is a mobile optimized Web portal and online bookmarking service designed for your phone and portable gadgets. PhoneFavs allows you to view and use your bookmarks on a mobile device in an easy to use small screen format. You can store, organize,...

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HootSuite 1.0

Save your time and your sanity. Monitor and post to multiple social networks, including Facebook and Twitter using the HootSuite dashboard. Show off your social media success. Create custom reports from over 30 individual report modules to share with...


Dogpile 1.0

Dogpile's Metasearch searches multiple engines--this means that instead of getting the best results one search engine has to offer, you'll be getting the best combined results from a variety of engines, and not just any engines, but industry leading...