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Collect URL

Collect URL 1.9 updated

Collect URL scans internet like a search engine bot. Starting from the user entered URL, it lists all the links on the URL. Then it recursively scans all the links in the list. User can limit Collect URL to collect single domain only. File extension...

4K Downloader

4K Downloader 5.10.1 updated

4K Downloader is a simple Windows app for downloading and converting 4K and 8K Ultra HD videos from Facebook, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Vine, and hundreds of other video sites. 4K Downloader features an advanced download acceleration engine that lets you...


AnyUTube 5.0

AmoyShare AnyUTube isa tool to download and convert videos, which allows you to get any video download within no time. Also, you can easily convert ideo to any format you want. Best of all, its 100% add-free and plugin-free. Download Any Videos Simply...

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Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager updated

Free Download Manager downloads files and converts videos (including flash) faster with open-source Free Download Manager. Its features include integration with all browsers, support of downloads from RapidShare, BitTorrent support, adjusting traffic...

Dolfga Music

Dolfga Music 1.1.07

The Dolfga Music app lets you listen to a wide range of songs online and download them on your device so you can listen to them wherever you want, whenever you want, without using up all your data. To look up your favorite music, just type the name of...

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iGetter 2.7.5 updated

iGetter is a full featured download manager and accelerator. iGetter can greatly improve the speed of your downloads using segmented downloading. In addition it allows auto resume on broken downloads, queue filtering by various criteria, site exploration,...