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4tH compiler

4tH compiler 3.62.0

4tH compiler is an open source compiler, with a little difference. Instead of the standard Forth engine it features a conventional compiler.4tH compiler is a minimal compiler that can create bytecode, standalone executables or C-embeddable bytecode.It...

Adobe Alchemy

Adobe Alchemy Preview 1.111708

Alchemy is a research project that allows users to compile C++ and C code that is targeted to run on the open source ActionScript Virtual Machine (AVM2). The purpose of this preview is to assess the level of community interest in reusing existing C...


ADP 0.86

ADP stands for Another Data Processor and it's an open source script language especially designed for programming Web-based databases.ADP is a lightweight programming language that's easy to install and gives you the ability to mix SQL easily. It is...

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Agena 2.9.7 updated

Agena is an open source, free, multi-platform and easy-to-learn procedural programming language designed for everyday usage. It can be used in graphical, scientific, linguistic and educational environments, as well as on scripting applications, supporting...


aime 7.20140207

aime is a simple, C like programming language and a interpreter. Both are designed as application embeddable.What is new in this release:A symbolic type for the "object" type is introduced. A couple of bugs are fixed. Internally, the aime coded...

Alice ML

Alice ML 1.3

Alice is a functional programming language based on Standard ML, extended with rich support for concurrent, distributed, and constraint programming.Here are some key features of "Alice ML":· Futures: laziness and light-weight concurrency with...

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Android SDK

Android SDK 24.0.2

The Android SDK project is an completely free and cross-platform software stack for mobile devices powered by Android. It includes all the tools you need to get started with Android OS and application development. Android is one the most popular mobile...


Arcueid 0.1.2

Arcueid is an open source implementation of Paul Graham's Arc dialect of Lisp, in the C language. It is designed to act as a C interpreter.Arcueid is intended to be compatible with the 3.1 version of the Arc software, it features a simple interface to C,...