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#grid 9

The grid can be held into place, and toggled between, displaying it in the foreground or background.#grid comes set up with a 980px-wide container that includes 20px gutters, and assumes one lead of 20px.A second 660px-wide container is included to show...

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$.store 1.0.0

$.store supports the new, set, get, delete, and flush localStorage features.This will allow developers all the basic tools for recording data in the browser and retrieving it at any later points.The $.store jQuery plugin also comes with a polyfill for...

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It works by querying the Google APIs for locations details and showing the results as a drop-down. If the user selects an address, it will automatically show the location's details and embed a Google Map with a marker on top of it, showing the exact exact...

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This jQuery plugin allows the user to add a dimmed overlay on top of the page with the exception of a designated area.It can be used to bring certain page sections to the user's attention, and is very useful for online tutorials, demos or wizards.The...


Anchorify.js 1.1.4

Anchorify.js automates a process that might get annoying for developers: adding anchors to heading tags (h1, h2, ... , h6).These anchors can then later be used for various other plugins for creating table of contents, go-to links, smooth scroll to...

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AutoTabIndex 1.0.2

It automatically follows the tab index attached to every form input field in a web page.It also its stripped down to only do autotab and not form validation.Once the auto tab has jumped over to the next element it will also select its contents if they...

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basicFit 2.0.1 updated

basicFit was created for the Ackee project, and was meant to help the developer in easily creating a responsive, square, uniform, tile grid. The plugin basically takes a collection of elements and floats them to the left inside a desired container (can be...

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bgiframe 3.0.1

bgiframe is not actually usable anymore since IE6 has almost been completely phased out.But if there's a stiff client that doesn't understand that YouTube doesn't support IE8 anymore and he shouldn't support IE6 at all, this plugin is for that...


BigScreen 2.0.5

In layman's terms BigScreen allows developers to programmatically control when the browser can go in/out of "true" fullscreen mode.The library works with the entire page, video, photo, and iframed content.For video content, bigScreen uses a fallback to...

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