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Maintener 1.8.6632 updated

Maintener is a groundbreaking and lightweight software that cleans, optimizes and scraps away software clutter from your PC to keep it functioning optimally. It wipes out every junk file and ensures that your PC starts up with speed. This is the dynamic...


Repair 1.0

Please, note : Because Microsoft standard setup and Store procedures are very unreliable with applications which require to be run as administrator and because Visual Studio 2015 or earlier cannot build .NET Store applications and because Visual Studio...


RAMDisk 4.4.0.rc36

RAMDisk is a program that takes a portion of your system memory and uses it as a disk drive. The more RAM your computer has, the larger the RAMDisk you can create. What is the benefit? In a word: spped. The performance of a RAMDisk, in general, is...

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Win Tonic

Win Tonic 1.0.3

Win Tonic is a complete Web and Windows protection suite that also lets you recover disk space and boost system speed to a whole new level. Win Tonic is a superb junk cleaner as well as registry cleaner. The Junk and Privacy Scan feature of the software...

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DiskMax 6.0

With DiskMax, your system will be peppier, applications will launch faster, files will open quicker, games will run better, and you will be happier. Running DiskMax from time to time is recommended to keep your system in shape. Even if you are an advanced...