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Aabel 4.0

Diverse statistical & exploratory data analysis methods Easy to use data-reduction techniques for complex multivariate data A unique pipeline design that allows real-time two-way interaction with data and makes multivariate & exploratory data analysis...


EnzymeX 3.3.3 updated

EnzymeX is a program for molecular biologists, developed to help you determine which restriction enzymes you should use to cut your DNA of interest. It now is a complete DNA sequence analysis and editing program, which contains powerful and unique...


SpaceTime 4.0.5

Revolution in mathematics software with 2D, 3D, and time graphing with MobileCAS for algebra and calculus. Explore mathematical concepts in an innovative interface and write your own scripts in our new powerful programming language. With features only...

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WX Logger

WX Logger 1.0b

WX Logger, a Macintosh program for reading weather data from the Oregon Scientific/Huger wireless weather station, is now available. The program is free personal and non-commercial use. WX Logger displays daily highs, real-time weather information, and...


Mosquito 1.0

This is a free program taken from a CD-ROM collection of over 200 mathematics puzzles, available on the developer's Web site. Developed by a veteran teacher, these visually-oriented puzzle games have a simple interface and are designed to provide math...


CalculX 1.5.3

CalculX is a powerful scientific calculator for Mac OS X, featuring: Over 60 arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometric, combinatorial, statistical, bitwise, vector, and other operations. Powerful, extensible scripting language for advanced mathematics. 5...


Orbital 1.0.2

Orbital is a planetary orbit simulator for Mac OS X. It's designed for beginning physics and astronomy classes, but is also strangely fun to play with. The simulation uses an approximation of Newtonian gravity, which, while not accurate enough for...

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