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Mosquito 1.0

This is a free program taken from a CD-ROM collection of over 200 mathematics puzzles, available on the developer's Web site. Developed by a veteran teacher, these visually-oriented puzzle games have a simple interface and are designed to provide math...


CalculX 1.5.3

CalculX is a powerful scientific calculator for Mac OS X, featuring: Over 60 arithmetic, algebraic, trigonometric, combinatorial, statistical, bitwise, vector, and other operations. Powerful, extensible scripting language for advanced mathematics. 5...


Orbital 1.0.2

Orbital is a planetary orbit simulator for Mac OS X. It's designed for beginning physics and astronomy classes, but is also strangely fun to play with. The simulation uses an approximation of Newtonian gravity, which, while not accurate enough for...

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Julius 1.5.0

Julius is a simple converter for the translation of numbers written with arabic digits into roman digits, and it is able to translate roman numbers in arabic ones. The use of Julius if very easy: First choose the direction with the tabs (1->I: arabic...


MathReader 5.0.1

MathReader is a viewer for notebook documents created with Mathematica, the world's only fully integrated technical computing system. MathReader lets you display and print Mathematica notebooks, animate graphics, play sounds, and copy information from...


TrigAid 1.1

The perfect companion for when you're studying or doing homework, TrigAid helps you learn the material by showing you the formula and the correct calculation, and it helps you save time on your assignments by giving you the correct calculation with just a...

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Euclid 2.0

Euclid is much more than a calculator. It provides 67 built-in functions including trigonometric functions, logs, square roots, factoring and primality functions, and much more. You can do set and matrix operations. In addition, you can define your own...


Rotater 5.2

This is a program that reads a set of 3-dimensional points and lines and plots them in a window. The image can then be rotated with the mouse in real time using a number of 3D viewing options.What is new in this release:Universal binary. Added 3D viewing...