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Structurix X

Structurix X 2.8.0

Structurix is a calculation programme based on the principle of the finite elements. It makes it possible to solve plane problems with elements: bars, beams and triangulars. As well as space problems with elements: bars, beams, rectangular element for the...


Solution 0.9.8a

Solution is a simple, lean application to do quick calculations, solve equations and plot functions in style. Solution can be used as an advanced graphing calculator, but it is also a full-featured tool for high school to college students and teachers to...

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WeatherLink 6.0.3 updated

WeatherLink is a specially configured data logger allows you to automatically upload your Davis Weather Station data from the console to your very own weather website hosted by Davis Instruments.What is new in this release:Fixed WeatherLink Network Annual...

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InMath 1.8.2

InMath is the plug-in for real mathematical typesetting within InDesign CS and InCopy CS. It depicts mathematical expressions solely by means of their text editor - no external data, expecially no graphic data is involved at all. InMath allows the user to...


G*Power 3.1.2

G*Power 3 is a statistical power analysis program. It covers many different statistical tests of the F, t, chi-square, and z test families as well as some exact tests. G*Power 3 provides improved effect size calculators and graphics options, it supports...