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Black Omega

Black Omega 2.1.1

Black Omega is a high fidelity audio player guaranteed to render your music collection at bit perfect resolution. With over 14 years of personal research & development each audio decoder and output pathway has been developed from the ground up and fine...


Boom 1.9.2

Boom is a system wide volume booster and equalizer application that effortlessly improves the sound of your Mac. Using Boom is easy. It works like the volume controls of your Mac to boost the sound; making it a louder, clearer and better sounding...

Boom 2

Boom 2 1.6.3 updated

Boom 2 is a system-wide volume booster and equalizer app that is designed especially for OS X 10.10 Yosemite. It comes with a smart interface, self-calibrates itself according to your Mac, offers hands-on advanced equalizer controls for finer audio...



On a laptop or connected to an HDTV, boxee gives you a true entertainment experience to enjoy your movies, TV shows, music and photos, as well as streaming content from services like Netflix, MTV, Pandora and...

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CAN DV 2.3.3

An affordable, easy to use Macintosh based Video Playout Server. Based on Quicktime and Firewire, CAN DV turns a Macintosh into a video source. Plays out QT DV Movies and/or .dv streams. Designed for scheduled playback it can also be used in a live...


Capo 3.5 updated

Capo is a musician's best friend. It lets you slow down your favorite songs, so you can hear the notes and learn how they are played. No longer do you have to rely on the musical tastes of others to learn music. Drag songs right from your music collection...


Cellulo 2.0.2

Cellulo is a full-featured movie player. Its user interface is quite similar to iTunes and complies to most of Apple's user interface recommendations, so you won't get lost. With Cellulo, you can: manage playlists with repeat and shuffle play movies...

Chroma player

Chroma player 2009.1

Chroma is a movie player for playing feature movies, no matter if it's DVDs, MPEG, QuickTime, DivX AVI's, XviD or Windows Media files.It contains optimized codecs for MPEG4, DivX, XviD, 3ivx and MS-MPEG4. It plays QuickTime movies. It plays Windows Media...

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ChromaTunes 1.4.1

ChromaTunes is a smart and easy-to-use music player for the Mac that organizes your music by energy-color! Hear exactly what you're in the mood to hear with a single click! ChromaTunes also features several automatic playlist creators and our "Smart...