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jQuery UI

jQuery UI 1.12.1 updated

jQuery UI is a frontend UI framework that exists before frontend UI frameworks were cool. This library revolutionized how Web-based frontends where built and has been an inspiration or has stood at the center of many CSS and UI frameworks since its...


BuddyPress 2.6.2 / 2.7.0 Beta 1 updated

BuddyPress is just great for building a company's Intranet, school student systems, online collaborators, sports teams or niche communities based on the power and flexibility of WordPress. BuddyPress will let users register and start creating and sharing...

SEO Redirect 301s

SEO Redirect 301s 2.2.2 updated

Whenever a page slug is modified, the plugin creates a 301 redirection from the old slug to the new one. This ensures site links don't go dead and affect the website's traffic. 'SEO Redirect 301s' also adds a special page in the WP admin where all active...

WP Security Audit Log

WP Security Audit Log 2.5.0 updated

WP Security Audit Log doesn't actually protect a website from getting hacked, but it provides the tools to prevent this from happening. The plugin can log various user-taken actions to help webmasters debug and trace back from where a hack was initiated,...

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WooCommerce 2.6.4 updated

WooCommerce can easily transforms WordPress into a complete e-commerce platform, adding all the appropriate and necessary tools for managing anything from products, to taxes, and coupons. This plugin comes with lots of features, ranging from simple...


CopyFeed 4.7.9

A report of copyright, a digital fingerprint and the IP of the feed reader can be added. In addition, some search engines are scanned for the digital fingerprint in order to find possible content theft. The feed can be also be supplemented with comments...

Gigya - Social Infrastructure

Gigya - Social Infrastructure 7.x-4.9 / 6.x-3.2 updated

The Gigya module for Drupal is fully configurable, requiring little time to install. This module requires more than downloading and enabling to work properly. Please be sure to see the installation section of the documentation for instructions on how to...

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WP EasyCart

WP EasyCart 3.2.28 updated

WP EasyCart is the plugin developers need to transform the WordPress CMS/blogging engine into a fully-blown e-commerce tool. The plugin comes in multiple licensing models, the premiere disadvantage of the free version being limited to only a 5 product...

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Kunena 5.0.0 updated

Kunena can be installed like any other Joomla component and will add a special section in the Joomla backend where the admin can build and customize his forum. The component features its own administration dashboard where all forum related settings are...

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Jetpack by WordPress.com

Jetpack by WordPress.com 4.0.4 updated

Jetpack by WordPress.com is actually a collection of smaller plugins, all packed into one big tool. Once installed, a special tab will appear under the Dashboard where admins can go and activate the features they like (individually). After activating a...