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iMDeduper 2.2.0 updated

iMDeduper is software to find and delete duplicate songs on iTunes faster for Mac. You can customize which tag to be compared. After search, you can use auto marking to automatically mark duplicate songs for deletion.What is new in this release:Able to...


iFlicks 2.2 updated

Use iFlicks to add your video files to iTunes and iOS devices. Add metadata to Movies and TV Shows to make your video library look awesome. Managing your video collection on your Mac has never been this easy. iFlicks is all about Movie and TV Show...


iPod.iTunes 4.9.38 updated

Unlike other iPod software to copy songs off the iPod, iPod.iTunes does real add-synchronization, even in two directions if desired. iPod.iTunes evaluates the source for songs, podcasts, videos and/or playlists that are not in the target and only adds...


StudioCDN 3-9.4

StudioCDN is a fast, dependable, user-friendly system designed to quickly, easily, and securely deliver media and other files of almost any size and format. StudioCDN's lightweight client application utilizes our own native, state-of-the-art technology,...

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Library Monkey Pro

Library Monkey Pro 2.1.6 updated

Library Monkey Pro is the ultimate audio utility featuring a complete audio asset manager, CD ripper, waveform editor, and batch-processor. Manage your assets with Sets and Smart Sets, recall recent searches, perform advanced searches, process...


Tunnel 1.1

Talk, sing or play music. Put on your favorite music, sit back and fly down a tunnel as it twists, warps and turns.What is new in this release:Added help. Full screen mode. Got rid of graphic seam down right hand side of tunnel. Other bug...


CyTV 0.6-pre5

CyTV is a streaming solution for elgato's EyeTV family of TV tuners. It allows you to watch TV and recorded programs over a local network (wired or wireless) or the internet, and it supports EyeTV USB, 200, 300, and 400. EyeTV 410, 500, 610, and Plextor's...


TuneSpan 1.2.2 updated

TuneSpan is an utility that allows you to browse and span your iTunes Library. TuneSpan helps you easily move the media files (Music, Movies, etc.) in your iTunes Library to multiple drives, avoiding the pitfalls of moving files manually. TuneSpan lets...

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iDentify 2

iDentify 2 551 updated

For use with iTunes compatible video files, iDentify looks at the names of the files you give it. Based on the structure of the file name, it attempts to determine wether the file is a TV Show or movie, also collecting season number, episode number,...