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TitleLab 0.5b1

TitleLab allows to open .srt, .ssa and .sub subtitle files and convert them to QuickTime text tracks or DVD Studio Pro subtitles. It also allows you to change the text, style and timing on each subtitle and has a load of utilities that allow you to...


CamGrabber 20030801

CamGrabber is a very simple, free Cocoa app for grabbing images from a video camera source such as an iSight.What is new in this release: 640x480 instead of 320x240 photo count feature photos named by date and time taken photos save in their own folder...


eZediaMX 3.1.2

eZediaMX revolutionizes multimedia authoring and editing with a unique visual linking environment and intuitive interface. It combines superior media handling with innovative interactivity tools and easy-to-use logic elements that will unleash one's...

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FootTrack 2.4

FootTrack is iPhoto for your digital video. Catalog all your analog and digital video tapes, then easily find the clips you want. Capture and compress your footage to be able to permanently store your footage on your hard drive. Whether you are planning a...

G-Ear Player

G-Ear Player 1.6.02

G-Ear music player allows you to connect to your existing Google Play Music account without confining yourself to a web browser or Flash player. The interface aims to be simple and intuitive, just does what it has to. Don't hesitate, go on and...

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Ecoute 3.0.8

Ecoute has a lot of cool features, and only focuses on playing your iTunes library. Save your computer's memory! Stay connected with your friends and share your music tastes using last.fm, Twitter and Facebook. Ecoute is incredibly minimal! All your music...

Wondershare TidyMyMusic

Wondershare TidyMyMusic 1.5.0 updated

Wondershare TidyMyMusic is an all-in-one tool to help you fix mislabeled music, download album art, lyrics and remove duplicate songs. It may drive you crazy when missing information like ""Unknown Artist"" and ""Track 01"" continuously shows up in your...