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ImageDV 1.3

ImageDV is a utility which allows you to easily extract digital images from DV video on a FireWire DV camera or from previously captured DV video clips. Images can be extracted, deinterlaced if necessary, and saved in a variety of formats, making them...


VifToolX 1.0

You have a Tom-Tom and you wish to add, modify or get back voices ? you need VifToolX. based on VifTool, written in pyhon, (without any graphical interface)and downloadable on http://www.ghostwheel.de/viftool it gives you a really simple way to...


Cefipx 3.90 updated

Cefipx is useful to transfer music and videos from iPod / iPhone / iPad to mac computer. By using Cefipx, you can easily copy songs, videos, playlists from iDevice to computer to rebuild iTunes library along with playlists and meta information of tracks....


FootTrack 2.4

FootTrack is iPhoto for your digital video. Catalog all your analog and digital video tapes, then easily find the clips you want. Capture and compress your footage to be able to permanently store your footage on your hard drive. Whether you are planning a...

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Ringtones 1.0.2

Make Ringtones for Your iPhone Create high-quality ringtones for your iPhone simply and easily. More cost-effective than the iTunes Store, and easier than GarageBand, you can turn any DRM-free song in your iTunes library into a ringtone.Simple...


histogram 1.0

Histogram is a free iMovie plug-in that calculates, and then displays a number of histograms (statistical data) regarding your clip. Histogram can display information about your clip's brightness, red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yello, hue, saturation,...

On Stage

On Stage 1.0.5

On Stage attempts to make your music experience with your iPhone or iPod touch even better and now it's available for your Mac as well. Its easy interface and perfect integration makes it a joy to use. Look up lyrics for the current playing song. On...

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Ecoute 3.0.8

Ecoute has a lot of cool features, and only focuses on playing your iTunes library. Save your computer's memory! Stay connected with your friends and share your music tastes using last.fm, Twitter and Facebook. Ecoute is incredibly minimal! All your music...


NeoFinder 7.2.1 updated

NeoFinder (formerly known as CDFinder) rapidly catalogs your entire disk and media library, and backup archive. NeoFinder keeps track of your documents, photos, songs, movies, and folders wherever they are stored. Catalog everything - hard disks...