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ellV-Bass 1.0

Realistic sounding bass parts with sequencer editor onboard to create rhythms bass grooves. You not only get different basses and slices FX - you get the sound of dedicated amp rigs and effects Presets, too! EQ, Cut off, Reso, Ambience, Delay, Chorus....

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GuitarTools 1.3.1

Guitar tools is a multi-platform application for Guitar and Bass Players of any style. It can also be used by other fretted instruments players, as you can customize the number of strings and the tunings to use. It's a learning tool which helps you...


Sebastian 1.6

Many music students struggle with ear training, though it is a critical skill for musical development. The most effective learning method is one-on-one instruction with a tutor, at the piano. But ear training is a technical skill; the main thing the human...


Sylo 2.5.0

Sylo lets you search for any song, artist, album, playlist, lyric, or music video in the world. Build universal playlists from the largest music catalog. Background music playback, download songs for offline playback, get access to 30+ million more songs,...

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Listen 2.5.2

Listen is a music ear training program for students and individuals wishing to strengthen their perception of melodic and harmonic material, featuring a wide variety of matching and multiple choice exercises. Listen is used by thousands of music students...