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Remotix 4.1.2 updated

Remotix, the highly rated iOS and Android app, is now coming to Mac. Powered by the same native, really optimized VNC engine as its iOS and Android counterparts, Mac version user interface was reengineered from scratch, to be really good sitting Mac...


NetDumper 0.22

A simple network packet sniffer that dumps all packets to a file. Simple and plain without the overhead of any analyzer. Since it uses libPCAP it supports most expressions you are used from tcpdump.What is new in this release:fixed "could not find any...



VNC-U is a cross platform VNC, SSH, FTP, Chatting and messaging software all in one. You can send files, commands and messages to remote machines using this tool. Watch multiple users at one time while keeping network chatter to a minimum. VNC-U is...

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MacSFTP 1.0.6

MacSFTP is a Macintosh application used to transfer files over TCP/IP using the Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) subset of the Secure Shell Protocols (SSH). SFTP is the replacement for the old and insecure File Transfer Protocol (FTP), with the...


iShare 20030730

iShare is an app that makes sharing files between local computers easy.iShare uses Apple's Rendevous technology to find other copies of iShare running on your local network. Once found, you can browse and download files simply by dragging them onto your...

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CMacTeX 4.3

CMacTeX is an integrated suite of programs for implementing TeX on the Macintosh.What is new in this release:The CMacTeX program is now the "control center" for running tex and related programs. All of the principal programs are launched from CMacTeX....


peacePipe 1.0

The peacePipe faceless client-server system creates a two-way conduit between Apple's (web sharing) apache web server and traditional "handle CGI event" Applescript CGIs. The 'client' portion of the system executes under user 'www' whenever apache sees a...