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Charles 3.11.2 updated

This includes requests, responses and the HTTP headers (which contain the cookies and caching information). It acts as a man-in-the-middle for HTTP/SSL connections, enabling to debug the content of HTTPS sessions and packets. Charles simulates modem...


phpIPAM 1.2.1 updated

phpIPAM was built to help administrators of large Internet networks manage their IPs and the clients assigned to each of them. It's a visual tool for managing the network via a Web browser, built on PHP, jQuery and Bootstrap. What is new in this...


Net::SSH 2.9.2 / 2.9.3.beta1

Net::SSH was created to allow developers to use Ruby code to send out SSH2 commands to remote machines without having to appeal to C, C++ or bash scripting.The library can be used to run multiple processes in parallel on the same SSH2 connection, but also...


Guacamole 0.9.9 updated

The application makes use of a server-side VNC-to-XML proxy written in Java.The current version is almost as responsive as native VNC and should work in any browser supporting the HTML5 canvas tag.Guacamole provides access to a VNC server through a...

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Offline.js 0.7.14 updated

Offilne.js was modeled after the alert system in Gmail that warns users of their lost Internet connection. The library aims to provide a system to constantly scan the user's connection status and show various warnings whenever the Internet connection...

Apache SSHD

Apache SSHD 1.1.0 updated

Apache SSHD spun out of the Apache MINA development process and was created as a Java standalone solution for supporting SSH-like communications between Java applications and services. The library was not created as a replacement for the protocol itself...


SockJS 1.0.3 / 0.3.15 updated

The library closely follows the HTML5 Websockets API.What is new in this release:Make `new` optional for SockJS constructor (via substack). It is impossible to cancel JSONP polling request - compensate for that. Refactored EventEmitter prototype (used...

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MIME 0.4.3 updated

The built messages can be used in client/server communications such as Internet mail or HTTP multipart/form-data transactions.The library supports the RFC822...


dnspython 1.12.0

It supports almost all record types, can be used for queries, zone transfers, and dynamic updates, while supporting TSIG authenticated messages and EDNS0.dnspython provides both high and low level access to DNS.The high level classes perform queries for...