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RSS Master

RSS Master 1.2.0

RSS/Atom newsreader with article storage and management; It's a super-simple and powerful RSS reader and articles manager. Features - Subscribe to Atom/RSS news feeds and podcasts - Simple and intuitive user interface with customisable...


UseNeXT 5.27

UseNeXT is an ad-free access to more than 2,500 terabytes worth of data. UseNeXT offers incredible fast access to more than 60,000 Usenet discussions including the files posted by users. Every day there are 6,000 Gigabytes of data added to the Usenet....


MYComics 1.0.2

MYComics makes it easy and fun to view, save, and share your favorite online comic strips. With a database of over 350 comics and a built-in web browser, MYComics allows you to enjoy all your favorites, from classics like Calvin & Hobbes and Peanuts, to...

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Binreader 1.0b1

Simple: No-nonsense NZB download manager. Runs everywhere Windows, MacOS X and Linux versions. UNRAR & PAR Handles RAR and PAR2 files Streaming Preview media files while you download. Secure Supports SSL encryption and...


Pulp 2.5.2

Pulp is a unique and innovative newsreader that lets you turn your favourite news sites into your own personalized newspaper, making scanning through the news quicker and more enjoyable than ever before. By combining multiple news feeds onto a single...


Monotony 1.3.5

Monotony is a feed reader doing exactly one job: Subscribe to RSS and Atom feeds, Monotony checks for new feed entries every minute while it is running. New entries (not: all feed entries) will be displayed on the desktop as notifications, featuring the...

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NetNewsWire 4.0b18

NetNewsWire is an easy-to-use RSS and Atom news reader for Mac OS X. Its familiar three-paned interface -- similar to Apple Mail and Outlook Express -- can fetch and display news from thousands of different websites and weblogs, making it quick and easy...


retickr 2.0.0

Life is too short and time is too scarce for you to surf the web everyday. Let retickr simplify things for you by intelligently streaming all of your relevant news and social media straight to your desktop. Facebook, Twitter, RSS... All in one place ready...