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Safe +

Safe + 3.0 updated

Safe Plus is more than a flexible password manager, it also protects your photos and contacts. All data is encrypted with super-secure 256-bit-AES. Nowadays you need passwords all the time, PINs and TANs for online banking, online shopping, social...


AuthoRize 2.0

AuthoRize automatically creates individual passwords for mass distributed FileMaker Pro solutions from downloads, CD-ROM collections, etc. Each password only works on a single copy, preventing illegal distribution of passwords.What is new in this release:...

Passwords Plus

Passwords Plus

Passwords Plus stores all your personal information safely and securely in one spot. Keep your PINs, passwords, credit card numbers, bank accounts, frequent flyer info, and more from falling into the wrong hands. It's the easiest way to store all your...


8Passwords 1.12

It seems that most password managers out there are designed for people who love their passwords. But who really loves keeping track of all this? 8Passwords is designed with these goals: 1. The interface is simple and keeps out of your way. 2. It is always...

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Password 1.0.1

Password manages your logins securely, and portably, so no more Post-It notes or text files. Simple Interface Firstly, password is simple. Dead simple. It only stores your passwords and notes/URLs about them. Security Your saved password files are 256-bit...

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Guarded Key

Guarded Key 1.1.6

Guarded Key is the most secure password manager which uses encrypted database to store all your online identities. Data is encrypted with 4096-bit key and 8 layers of encryption. Encrypted database can only be accessed via username and password (this is...


PassLook 1.2

Too Many Passwords? PassLook is your solution to tracking all your passwords on your Mac. Simply enter your password information one time and let PassLook store it for you. Your passwords are kept safe from prying eyes in a custom encrypted database. With...