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FaceSalon 1.2.49

FaceSalon gives you the fastest and easiest way to retouch portraits. With FaceSalon, you can enhance faces as much as you want simply by moving sliders, and you'll get natural results. FaceSalon includes powerful tools to make portraits look better,...


CameraFilter 1.0.40

The creative app for digital photographers to create beautiful and unique CLASSIC FILM CAMERA and LOMO CAMERA style inspired photography INSTANTLY. CameraFilter gives you free rein to your creativity, helps you render the colors, saturation, contrast...

AKVIS NatureArt

AKVIS NatureArt 7.0 updated

AKVIS NatureArt is a tool for imitating the magnificence of natural phenomena on your digital photos. It also lets you create nature scenes from scratch, such as converting a blank background into a sea view or a night sky with scattered, glistening...

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PhotoStyler 6.8.2 updated

PhotoStyler is the easiest way to style your digital photos with your Mac. This simple, fast and accurate native solution combines the powers of Apple's core technologies with the flexibility and efficiency of proprietary application-specific modules....


ImageOptim 1.5.5 updated

This is a front-end for open source tools: OptiPNG, pngcrush, advpng, jpegtran and jpegoptim. Images are made smaller (in terms of disk size) by recompressing them using best combination of compression settings, bettter algorithms, and by removing...

Apple iPhoto

Apple iPhoto 9.6.1 updated

iPhoto gets a new look with stunning full-screen views for Events, Faces, Places, and Albums that let you take advantage of every inch of your Mac display. iPhoto also offers new ways to share and showcase your photos. You can upload your photos to your...


Flare 2.1.1 updated

Flare allows effortlessly add effects and textures to your photos. Choose from a variety of Flare's built-in Presets or create your own using dozens of individual photographic effects. Easy to learn for casual hobbyists, Flare also has the flexibility...

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Plumb-Bob 1.5

Plumb-Bob is a perspective rectifier for digital photo. It's a great addition to your metric surveying toolkit for a variety of fields, including architectural survey, building renovation, furnishing design, and estate agents. What's needed: * A...

DxO Optics Pro

DxO Optics Pro 10.3 updated

DxO Optics Pro is a multi-award winning program running on Windows or Macintosh to automatically improve image quality. Based on extensive analysis of cameras and lenses, DxO Optics Pro is unlike any other digital photography software application....