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Great Photo

Great Photo 1.0.1

Great Photo is a fabulous all-in-one photo editing app. Big Aperture module gives your images the depth-of-field and other visual effects normally seen with only professional grade DSLR cameras. This module makes you into a master of color control. Choose...


iPhix 1.0

iPhix is the perfect companion app for professional or casual photographers who want to easily edit, apply filters and share their pics. Make any picture look as if it was taken with a vintage camera or be creative and define your own style by creating...

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iSplash 2.8

Get creative with the iSplash app. Choose any image and iSplash will turn it to grayscale. Then, choose any part of the image to restore the original color. iSplash allows you to beautifully modify your pictures and create bold images that pack a punch....


WaterThumber 2.3.1

A sweet application for Mac OS X that allows you to batch-process your pictures and get them ready for the web by allowing you to: produce high-quality thumbnails, re-size your pictures, tweak and watermark them!What is new in this release:Several things...

Photo Batch

Photo Batch 1.0.2

Photo Batch will help you process all your images at once. No more repetitive work, simply drag the images or the folders you wish to process into Photo Batch, then apply the desired effects, crop, rotate, resize and rename them all, and finally export...

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batchDPI 1.52

Apple's system default DPI is 72dpi, Microsoft's is 96dpi, your camera take photos at 350dpi, your scanned photo has a DPI of 600dpi, your PhotoShop was set to 100dpi ... Although the difference in DPI will not affect the quality of your picture unless...


JPEG4Web 1.8

JPEG4Web makes it a breeze to Resize, Compress, Crop, and Watermark a single image or a collection of images for use on the web. Converts any image file into a compact JPEG.Limitations:Images saved with unregistered version will include a pidog.com...