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Thumba 1.0

Thumba is a free online image editor. It's fast, intuitive and has a lot of adjustments and effects that can be applied on your images. You'll encounter adjustments such: auto correction, brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, color inversion,...

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JamJar 1.0

JamJar is a group collaboration service that provides a graphical, private, persistent, and customizable canvas for small groups to easily exchange digital content in order to: plan events, exhange ideas, manage projects, centralize information, and...

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Qollage 1.0

Qollage lets anyone with a standard Web browser combine text, photos, YouTube video and Google Maps into media rich compositions to share with friends and family. A collage can be simple with just a few lines of text, or complex mixing multiple pages of...


GroupMe 1.0

GroupMe extends the idea of social tagging systems like del.icio.us, Flickr or BibSonomy by introducing the group dimension. The foundation of social tagging systems are so-called folksonomies, which describe how users (folks) tag resources (e.g. photos,...