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Instaview 1.0.4

Instaview allows you to view Instagram photos and be connected to the Instagram community. Create one or windows to show an Instagram stream. Turn on a slideshow for each window if you'd like. Each window can also have it's own elegant frame, a simple...


Snapselect 1.1.0

Snapselect helps you quickly eliminate duplicates and similar photos, easily discover your best images from many other, save lots of disk space and make your photo life much better and more enjoyable. Manage your photos in a new smart way. Snapselect...

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PhotoCopy 1.1.3

PhotoCopy lets you combine iPhoto's ease of use with the great sharing features of Flickr. PhotoCopy makes it easier than ever to share your iPhoto library through Flickr and to create offsite backups. Copy photos from iPhoto to Flickr: Select which...

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PrintToPDF 2.4.5

PrintToPDF is a shareware Macintosh printer driver that creates PDF (Adobe Acrobat) files. You do not need to have the full Acrobat package (asopposed to the Reader) installed for PrintToPDF to work. You can create PDF bookmarks to your section and...