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proofSIGN 1.9.6

When adding a new standard, proofSIGN uses the ICC profile description to name the target. This is now editable. New Windows Installer adds the charts and manual to the Programs menu. Better filename validation for added standards. Small cosmetic...

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Slingshot 1.2

Sharing in a snap: as simple as drag, drop, paste.Take a screen shot and paste the link: Command-shift-4 + command-VOr drag and drop a file, picture, or selected text onto the Slingshot icon.Slingshot automatically uploads to a service of your choice so...

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GrabBox 1.1.7

GrabBox is a utility that reacts to the screenshots you take. It automatically copies the screenshots to your Dropbox Public folder, and then copies the URL to the clipboard - ready to share with friends or strangers! Just start GrabBox and then take a...


Carousel 1.2.1

Carousel is a simple, beautiful way to explore Instagram on your Mac in a minimal footprint. View your feed, popular photos, your photos, comment, like, save photos and much, much more. We've also implemented a full set of keyboard commands to make...