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Amvona 1.0

Amvona unveils Discovery, a revolutionary patented media search engine with which users can control twelve variables to fine-tune their search results. The fine-tuning is controlled by sliders which allow users to boost or lower the influence of important...


Photorgy 1.0

Photorgy is a new kind of photo-sharing, built on the simple ideas that uploading can be easier, and you don't actually need a camera to have photos. We made this site so that everyone, even people who don't have a camera can still get in on the...

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Pickle 1.0

Pickle enables you to easily organize and share all your media (photos and videos) from all your devices (camera and mobile phone), but with a revolutionary twist. Posting individual items or entire channels of content anywhere you want such as MySpace or...


Plinkme 1.0

Plinkme allows you to get photos on 1 to 100s of Web pages in minutes. Plinkme was developed to provide bloggers, article writers, and content republishers with a means to easily and very quickly add a photo to their content to make it more visually...


Snapfish 1.0

Snapfish is a leading online photo service with more than 40 million members and one billion unique photos stored online. We enable our members to share, print and store their most important photo memories at the lowest prices - online or off. Snapfish...


Woophy 1.0

Woophy stands for World of Photography, a Web site founded by a Dutch collective of photo aficionados and Internet designers who believe navigation on Internet can be more visual, logical, and associative. The goal of Woophy's founders is to create an...

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Fotolog 1.0

Fotolog is a photo-blogging and social-networking site, where users can express themselves through online photo diaries or photo blogs. What makes Fotolog special is not just the ability to post photos, but the way it makes it easy to connect with others,...


resizr 1.0

Power users and graphic design professionals alike find image manipulation to be easy. However, for the vast majority of folks, it's complicated stuff for all but the most sophisticated users. Now, you too can resize images. resizr started with a simple...