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Mypictr 1.0

Mypictr provides a free picture resizing service, which allows you to create a custom profile avatar for your favorite social network. You don't need to install any programs, plug-ins, or any other software, just upload your picture, resize it online, and...

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Viewbook 1.0

Viewbook is an online service to create and share portfolios, photo albums, and slideshows on your viewbook domain (yourname.viewbook.com) in a professional way. Viewbook's focus is simplicity. Its by far the most professional and userfriendly online tool...

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Enter a keyword and Tag Galaxy will search Flickr for related images. You can either click the big ball of gas at the center of your screen to see some of the images, or you can check out one of the little related-tag planets orbiting the center of your...