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Flood 1.3

'Flood' produces realistic-looking lying water in your 2-D paint program. Submerge your friends with control over waves, ripples, and perspective.What is new in this release:Adds convenience features to the interface. The Mac version is...

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Lobster 2.0

Lobster is not strictly a plugin but a Photoshop tool that creates four new layers from your file: Luminosity ( a very specific type of tonality or brightness) and Red, Green & Blue Chromaticity layers (containing Hue and Saturation in each layer). These...


Polymerge 1.42

'Polymerge' combines gangs of similar photos into weird composites. Ideal for digital-camera owners, it can make ghastly portraits and unusual still-lifes. It can also merge limited-depth-of-field images into one sharp picture or reduce photo...

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