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Fuze Meeting

Fuze Meeting fall 2009

The easiest, most cost-effective online meeting service just got even better. Fuze Meeting offers 100% browser-based meetings in High Definition. The technology requires no configuration and does not require plug-ins to attend a meeting. Thousands of...


Presefy 1.0

Presefy is a new unique mobile service for interactive and engaging presentations. It allows you to present anywhere anytime using only your mobile device as a controller. Presefy also enables your audience to follow the presentation in real-time on their...

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Glisser 1.0

Glisser makes presentations interactive - it takes regular PowerPoint or Keynote slide decks and pushes them out live to audience mobile devices, slide-by-slide, as they are presented. It then enables members of the audience to interact with the presenter...


maquetter 1.0

Are you wasting too much time on collaboration with the clients? Structured presentations of your designs. The best way for web studios and designers. Features: - structured presentations of layouts; - you can share short links; - your clients can open...

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Genially 1.0

Genial.ly is an easy-to-use and free web tool used to enhance websites/blogs or as a communication tool (i.e. to make presentations, infographics, reports, posters, or guides). This web tool is designed to be broad and wide-reaching because it can be used...