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Ski 0.7.2

Ski is an S/Key (one-time pad or password) calculator, with handy features such as storing your passphrases in the system keychain and automatic calculation against challenges on the pasteboard.What is new in this release:This is the first public release...


plugdaemon 2.5.4

It's a "blind" TCP proxy. It listens on one port, talks to another port. You can configure it to do load balancing (distribute connections among servers) or failover (switch from one server to another when one goes down). You can limit connections by IP...

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VigiMac 1.0.1

A free tool that communicates your IP address at regular intervals to our server and helps to recover your Mac if it has been stolen. Every two minutes, your Mac will call our server. In case of theft, send us an email and we will start recording any sign...


Tickle 1.1

A simple invisible utility that regularly 'calls' home from the makers of HSTracker. It sends information back to a web server that could help identify your computer's location if it is stolen. Tickle works whether a user is logged in or not, as long...


NetShred 2.1

NetShred is internet privacy software that is easy to use, fast and cleaner. Easy because you don't have to remember to use it - runs automatically when you quit from your browser. Fast because it runs in the background, so you don't have to wait to use...

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Sonar 2.0

Sonar is a security tool that reports file change activity on your hard drive in real-time. It can show you every time a program changes a file on your hard drive. Sonar can be useful for several purposes: Run Sonar before installing a new program so...