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BusyCal 3.2.3 updated

BusyCal is our new product that combines a beautiful, personal desktop calendar with our award winning calendar sharing and syncing technology -- in one integrated application. Designed for families and small workgroups, BusyCal allows users to easily and...

Word Counter

Word Counter 1.2.0

What gets measured gets accomplished. By giving specific feedback about the quantity of your writing, we believe that the most important aspects of your writing can be improved. The Word Counter is all about giving you insights in your productivity as a...

Librarian Pro

Librarian Pro 3.3 updated

If you're like us, you have managed to create your own mini-library of books, magazines, games, CDs, software titles, and movies. It is difficult to sort through all of them to see which ones you have on file, or to find where you last shelved a...

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