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AddressBookAid 2.4.2 updated

AddressBookAid is a application for editing AddressBook Database which is created by Apple Contacts. You can edit the AddressBook by the Table View, column sort and Find&Replace function by TextFinder.What is new in this release:Fix issues that Birthday...


Addressix 1.4.10

Envelope printing utility. It remembers printer settings so you can't forget to use manual feed, auto-completes addresses, and prints bar codes for automated sorting. It accepts vCards or Address Book entries, and integrates the Address Book. Can print to...

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Allocator 1.1.8 updated

Allocator puts you in the drivers seat of your investment portfolio. Never have any doubt that your hard earned investments are getting you closer to the retirement you want. Allocator demystifies the endless numbers that keep us guessing about our...


AmLoan 1.9.3

Loan calculator and amortizer that calculates loan payments and generates amortization schedules using a wide range of options. AmLoan offers features not found in other loan calculators: simple and compound interest US rule amortization (no interest...