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TSMapp 2.11

The Staking Machine App or TSMapp for short, is a professional sports betting WebApp. It is a cutting edge, bet tracking and system analysis tool. Since 2007 thousands of people have been using TSM for Windows. After receiving many requests we have...


ShouldBuy 1.1

ShouldBuy is a little piece of software that decides whether you should try buying a piece of software or hardware or object of desire. Try ShouldBuy 1.1 to see if your needs fits your allocated budget. Beware of products that look like ShouldBuy....


CashControl 1.7.5

Track all your expenses, incomes, bills and loans to find out what happens to your money. Features: * Add income and expenses fast and easy * Multiple accounts, including overdraft * Set expense categories & budgets * Manage bills & payment...

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