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AbsurdJS 0.3.6 updated

AbsurdJS is a CSS and HTML preprocessor, in the domain of similar tools like Less.js, HAML or SCSS.Just like them, it uses an intermediate step where more complex execution criteria can be added.This means that the final CSS and HTML code that gets sent...


Acquisition 4.2.2 updated

Two styles of acquisition are supported: explicit and implicit acquisition.Implicit acquisition is so named because it searches for attributes from the environment automatically whenever an attribute cannot be obtained directly from an object or through...


AMDclean 2.7.0

AMDclean will take the developer's JavaScript code written following the well-known AMD guidelines, parse it, and then transform it to the pure, official version of the JavaScript syntax.The library can be used as a Node module or as an in-browser...

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Apache Avro

Apache Avro 1.8.0 updated

Apache Avro provides a way to serialize data using JSON schemas. These schema files are always present with the data, allowing developers to ship both the data and its structure to any application that may need it. Because of this data can be read and...

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AspectJ 1.8.8 updated

Developed by the Eclipse Foundation, it is an unofficial standard by itself in the AOP community, being a major influence for many other AOP frameworks. It uses Java-like syntax and has included IDE integrations.Features:Seamless aspect-oriented extension...


Babel 6.7.3 updated

Babel was created to help developers avoid the problem from switching between two syntax variants of a programming language. After all the Python 2.x and 3.x mess, a library like Babel will help you easily convert code written in the more modern ES6 to...