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Tally Bro

Tally Bro 1.0

Tally Bro provides a dynamic way of adding as many players as needed and then pressing "+" or "-" buttons to improve or lower his score.For each player an avatar image can be easily uploaded and he can be removed from the game anytime he leaves or stops...


RateYo! 2.0.1 updated

RateYo! upgrades the classic star rating widgets to use a modern resolution-free SVG graphics package.Instead of using a complex GIF or PNG star-based graphics package with multiple images or just a huge and hard to customize image sprite, RateYo! uses...


Encuestame 1.5.3 updated

Encuestame is basically a social survey CMS (Content Management System), created to run on Tomcat, JBoss or any other Java Web application server.Encuestame can be installed and used to create and publish polls and surveys.These surveys can be shared...

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heatRate 1.0

heatRate provides an alternative to showing rating histograms or the classic average vote metric, which most of the times don't reflect the true quality of rated item.This plugin shows the rating which got the most votes using a heatmap color graph,...

Voting API

Voting API 7.x-2.12 / 6.x-2.3 / 5.x-1.6 / 8.x-3.x-dev updated

Voting API is a framework for content voting and rating systems in Drupal.It does not directly provide any voting 'features' to users -- instead, it offers a consistent API for other module developers to build their voting and rating systems on top of. ...

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jStarbox 1.0

jStarbox is a jQuery version of Starbox, a star voting system built using Prototype.The plugin works the same way but with fewer options.Developers can play around with the number of stars available for voting, their colors and graphics, the...