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Skimzee 2.0

Skimzee is a free web app for searching and gathering all your favourite articles and being able to view each one as a concise summary. You can dynamically control how short or long a summary is simply by moving a slider left or right. Skimzee also...


iGoogle 1.0

iGoogle gives you at-a-glance access to key information from Google and across the Web. Choose and organize content such as your latest Gmail messages, headlines from Google news and other top news sources, weather forecasts, stock quotes, and movie...


DocuFarm 1.0

DocuFarm allows you to search for multiple types of documents online and view them using your browser. Document formats support include: PDF, PPT, DOC, RTF, and PS...


Intelways 1.0

Intelways is a one-stop online search service, a convenient and fast way to search for (almost) anything on the Web, through its comprehensive set of search channels organized into different categories. By using Intelways, you can easily find information...

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Retrevo 1.0

Retrevo is a product search engine and matchmaking service for people and electronics. It can help you find that right product, new usage tips, or troubleshooting and support answers - including taking you directly to the specific page in a product...


Primadesk 1.0

Primadesk helps you search, manage and backup all their online content in one place. We support more than 25 top web based applications such as Google apps, Facebook, Dropbox, box.net, Flickr. 1.Search across personal online content including selected...


PostLens 0.7

The App was inspired to improve the experience for managing searches on CraigsList that are used frequently and/or entail multiple criteria configurations (eg, multiple cities). Once a user registers, they will have the following features: * Flags...

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Clipblast 1.0

ClipBlast is the Internet's fastest growing Web wide video index, search, and navigation platform. Designed to organize and simplify the video Web; the fastest growing video distribution platform in history. ClipBlast technology helps viewers search,...