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AdiOS 1.0

To find out how many of my iPhone apps were dumping the address book, I put together a utility called AdiOS (Addressbook Detector for iOS) that lets Mac users scan the iOS apps in your iTunes directory to see if they have the potential to dump your phone...

Secret Socks

Secret Socks 1.0.2

Online proxies are a useful way to get around restrictive firewalls that block you from accessing parts of the internet. Maybe your corporate environment has rules against accessing sites like GMail from work, and you need to find out what time to pick up...

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Walletx 1.1.0

Walletx makes you never forget a password again and no need to scribe your credentials in open text files. It easy to use software to store all kind of personal and sensitive information from in one place using simplified 65+ templates. Walletx satisfies...


theLocBox 1.2

Single Vault in Dropbox Users create and hold the keys Multiple password keys possible Drag and drop file encryption Military grade encryption Encrypted files are portable between Win & Mac Ability to import a key from a file Supports multiple...


CrypterRB 1.1

CrypterRB is an application which implements the RSA algorithm for public-key encryption. Three windows in CrypterRB provide easy-to-use implementations of the RSA methods, they are titled GenKeys, Encode, and Decode.What is new in this release:v. 1.1 now...

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Prot-On 1.2.1

Prot-On is an application that allows you to protect, manage and track the use of all kinds of files that are shared on the Internet, by e-mail or through a cloud service. Control all existing copies: with Prot-On you are in control of the copies that you...