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VitalLock 0.115

VitalLock - The Privacy Company, is a secure private messaging system. VitalLock can deliver your private messages instantaneously or upon an event such as disability, detention or death. With VitalLock you can easily send private messages to any number...


EveryPass 1.2

EveryPass is a free, open source, portable password manager that provides safe storage of passwords on modern computers, tablets and phones. There is no need to install EveryPass, a modern web browser is all that is required. Because EveryPass is a...

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Agatra 1

Agatra is a free service that securely stores your passwords online so that they're accessible from anywhere you have an Internet connection. It can even log you in directly to most...

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Anyware 1.0

Anyware is a simple cloud service that can enable your business to fully embrace mobile and support the way your employees work today. From the perspective of both the mobile administrator and the end user, Anyware meets all core mobile requirements by...