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123fix 1.1

Watchmakers want to make watches. Most of time they have a lot of work in getting organized, informing customers, keep track of administration / invoicing / archiving / stock control price agreements. 123fix takes care of this. Customers (jewelers) can...


360Contest 2.0b2

Create an exclusive contest website for multiple niches and generate numerous opportunities easily with Agriya's contest software-360Contest. This software provides you a responsive front-end which is specially designed to provide more conversion from the...

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Addence 1.0.0

Addence is an enterprise social network and collaboration tool that helps to increase productivity, improve sales, and motivate employees. Addence provides a single location for sharing information and documents, generating and proposing innovative ideas,...


Beagle 1.0

The proposal process at a lot of companies is broken. Time and valuable resources are wasted searching for previous proposals or specific content while the collaboration process is clunky at best. Beagle is a better way. Beagle is designed to be...

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Bookafy 2.0

GOOGLE 2-WAY SYNC Staff and Admin can sync all appointments to/from Google calendar and Bookafy. Appointments from Google sync to Bookafy. Appointments on Bookafy Sync to Google. RECURRING APPOINTMENTS Create recurring appointments for your customers....