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SocialCount 0.2.0 updated

Unlike the plethora of similar jQuery plugins, SocialCount implements a lazy-loading mechanism for loading the button's sharing code only when needed. This means the buttons are loaded locally as simple HTML and CSS powered Web elements. When the...

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Tweetsie 0.4.0

Tweetsie is a work-around for Twitter's Widget service, an app that allows users to create simple timeline widgets and then embed them on remote sites.While this can be very very useful after the infinitely complex Twitter API 1.1 version has been...

Share Button

Share Button 1.0.3 updated

Share Button is a simple JS library that can be dropped into any Web project and provide a ready to use social sharing buttons. The button is basically a simple HTML DIV and can be placed anywhere around the site without ruining layouts or page...


jsSocials 1.1.0 updated

jsSocials is a fully-customizable social sharing toolkit that can be used to boost a website's online presence by simplifying the steps needed to share the site's URL on one of the supported social networks. The social sharing buttons can be...

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prettySocial 1.1.0

prettySocial is very easy to deploy and replaces the standard iframe-based buttons with one created locally via classic HTML and CSS code.These buttons are way way much lighter and faster to load than the defaults, and work practically the same...