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Flirt 1.0.28

Flirt can help your market your pages and profiles on Facebook getting you more likes without spending a lot of money. Flirt has state of the art features not found in other imitation software such as the ability to see people's real contact information...


FMenu 3.1

FMenu is a menu extra providing customizable Growl notifications about various Facebook events, a menu to easily access common Facebook pages, and a count of your messages, pokes, events, friend requests, wall posts, and photo comments. Please note: a...

Follow Liker

Follow Liker 8.8.6

FollowLiker is a very powerful and easy to use software that automates Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr activities. You can use it to automate tedious and boring tasks that helps you connect with your audience, promote your products or services,...

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Frenzy 1.4

Frenzy uses Dropbox to store your feed items and keep everything in sync. You don't need another account and there's no other server involved. Frenzy is designed to get out of your way and let you get right back to work. Use the key combo to share what...


Gabble 1.5.2

Gabble is a native Mac OS X desktop client for the Yammer messaging service. It's the first Yammer desktop client designed specifically for the world's best operating system. Let Windows users wrestle with that crazy Adobe Air stuff. For Mac users there's...

Glow for FB

Glow for FB 1.0.3

Glow for FB shows beautiful Facebook notifications right on your menu bar with a glowing "f". Missing Mountain Lion's Facebook integration? With Glow for FB you get a menu bar app, that informs you with a glowing "f" as soon as something happened on...


Gmittook 1.0.1

Gmittook is a Twitter and Facebook client. This all-in-one free tool makes it easy to work with both at the same time. It can also be set up for email notification, or you can use it just as a Twitter client on it's own. This new version allows you to...

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Going 1.0.2

Going is the best way to manage your Facebook events on your Mac. Keep track of your invitations and create new events - it's never been this easy to organize things with your friends. - NEW: Manage events on behalf of Facebook Pages - Clean and...