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4MLinux 23.2 / 24.0 Beta updated

4MLinux is an open source and independent distribution of Linux built from scratch and designed to be used as a system rescue Live CD, for watching videos and listening to music, for deploying servers using the inetd daemon, as well as for playing Linux...


BakAndImgCD 24.0 updated

BakAndImgCD is an open source and minimalistic Linux distribution based on the 4MLinux operating system. It doesn’t provide users with a desktop environment and can be used for general system maintenance. Actually, this specialized Linux...

4MLinux Core

4MLinux Core 23.0 / 24.0 Beta updated

4MLinux Core is an open source distribution of Linux, a special edition of the 4MLinux operating system designed to provide users with a very minimal environment for creating their very own Linux distributions from scratch. This is the core edition of...

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4MParted 23.0 Beta updated

4MParted is an open source distribution of Linux that is freely distributed and based on the minimalist 4MLinux operating system, built around the GParted partition editor application and designed from the ground up to help users resize, merge, create,...


4MRecover 23.0 Beta updated

From the creators of the 4MLinux distributions, as well as the 4MParted operating system, we’re introducing you to 4MRecover, an open source, portable and free distribution of Linux based on 4MLinux and built around the well-known PhotoRec file...


4MRescueKit 19.0 Beta updated

4MRescueKit is a free, live, bootable, minimal, fast, portable and open source computer operating system that brings you all the tools that you need to rescue a broken OS, recover lost files from damaged drives, as well as to backup your files or clean...

4MLinux Allinone Edition

4MLinux Allinone Edition 12.0 / 13.0 Beta updated

4MLinux is a freely distributed, minimalistic and open source Linux distribution specifically designed to allow users to create Linux-based operating systems from scratch. This edition contains four of the 4MLinux editions.Among the project’s...

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4MPlayer 12.0 updated

From the creator of the independent 4MLinux operating system based on the Linux kernel, we’re introducing you to 4MPlayer, a live and bootable distribution of Linux built around the popular MPlayer multimedia player application and the powerful...


4MDoom 12.0 updated

4MDoom is an easy-to-use, freely distributed, minimal, bootable and open source Live Linux distribution based on the 4MLinux operating system. It is built around Freedoom, a free/open-source clone of the old-school Doom FPS (First-Person Shooter) game for...