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Globe Trotter is a background window application to make life easier when you search on the internet. Hit your hotkey combination (command-shift-] by default) and the Globe Trotter window springs into action. Search among the 50 included search engines,...

Santa Menu

Santa Menu 1.0.0

Santa sits in your menu and ho ho hos from time to time. Spreads a little Christmas cheer, or something.Requirements:Mac OS X 10.2.x or...

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KokaDice 2.0.3

The classic dice rolling game. Up to 4 players can compete trying to get 3 of a kinds, twos, straights, and the elusive 5 Kokas.Requirements:Mac OS X...

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Snow Globe X

Snow Globe X 1.0.2

Another unnecessary (but enjoyable!) application. Snow Globe runs in a window, and you can shake it up whenever you like to make it snow on the Christmas tree. You can run it in the dock, but it's not too impressive without registering. Registered users...

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Amazeing X

Amazeing X 1.3.0

Robby the Robot has lost his batteries and needs help recovering them. Navigate through the mazes to find the batteries in the shortest amount of time. When the included mazes (37 of them!) get to be too easy, you can create your own with the Map Maker...

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JTCalendar 1.0.2

There is a dire lack of calendar functionality for cocoa developers. This is a free (but donations are nice!) framework and IB Palette distributed under the artistic license to provide an easy way to embed calendar functionality into their apps. Source...

Collaboradoodle is a collaborative drawing application. When you ask people if they like to telecommute in to work, they say that they love it. Except for the fact that they can't just get all their co-workers into a room together to sketch out their...

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Yahoo Mailer

Yahoo Mailer 1.0.3

I use Yahoo! Mail. So, obviously, it annoys me when a mailto: link opens up my mail program. Yahoo! Mailer here just re-directs those links back to your default web browser so you can use your email there.What is new in this release:Finally got off my...

Fish Bowl

Fish Bowl 2.0.0

Small virtual fish bowl to sit on your desktop. Brighten your day with a friendly fish to swim around and occasionally beg for food! See how good a caregiver you are by ensuring you keep up with his meals (or make him immortal if you just want...

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