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XLS Viewer

XLS Viewer 1.30a

A Free XLS Viewing And Editing Tool For Windows. You may edit your XLS files, It allows you to open XLS files edit and then save again,. You cannot add calculations, If you save with the viewer then it changes the...

Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK

Bytescout Spreadsheet SDK updated

Read and write XLS, XLSX from ASP.NET, .NET, VB, C#, PHP and other programming languages without Excel installed! Supports formula calculations, text formatting, rows, columns, sheets management and much more! Can be used from legacy Visual Basic 6 and...

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Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK

Bytescout PDF To HTML SDK updated

PDF To HTML SDK allows developers to convert PDF to HTML without any additional software required. Benefits: converts PDF to HTML with layout preserved; text, fonts, images, tables are preserved; vector graphics is preserved (as a background...

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ByteScout PDF Multitool

ByteScout PDF Multitool updated

PDF Multitool (FREEWARE) includes set of functions to extract data and text from PDF files: PDF To XML, PDF To CSV, PDF To Text, reading text from scanned PDF using OCR, search text with regular expression, extract original images and much much more!...

Bytescout PDF SDK

Bytescout PDF SDK updated

Full set of methods and properties (Bytescout.PDFnamespace) to create documents (completely new documents or using existing PDF documents) with ability to draw on the page of existing PDF document; Font embedding Type1, TrueType) including Unicode...