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Coherence 4.0 updated

Coherence 4 allows you to turn any website into a full-blown OS X appplication in seconds. Simply type in a name, url, and grab a favicon, and your good to go. And, using the power of Google Chrome, allows each app to have separate settings and...

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Loot 0.88

Loot is a straightforward and comprehensive finance manager for everyone. Easily manage your money using our simple user interface, and keep track of deposits, withdraws, transfers, standing orders, charges, ATM fees, checks, credit, and debit cards....


Sunlight 4.0

Sunlight is a simple, yet revolutionary way to manage windows on OS X using system wide commands. Sunlight gives you rebind-able controls to control your Mac. View multiple documents side by side, a document and a web page, move windows between displays,...


Browse 5.0

This is Browse, a project to create a web browser, stripped of all it's features, and then slowly add back the features, rewritten, so they do not slow down the Internet or your computer. With Browse 5, we've added all of the features of a modern web...

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