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Ni 0.1.0 beta

Ni stands for NodeIgniter, and as you can guess, the framework was heavily inspired by PHP's CodeIgniter MVC framework. Besides the basic principles also found in CodeIgniter, Ni also boasts the basic features of any Node.js application, like npm support...


DeadMouse 1.10

DeadMouse is Google chrome extension which you can just start typing the text of any of the links on a page to quickly jump to it and no need of touching that mouse. Features include follow links just by typing, fuzzy-matching on link text, command or...

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Sidestep 1.4.1

Sidestep is an open-source application for Mac OS X that sits quietly in the background, protecting your security and privacy as you browse the web. When you connect to the Internet through an unprotected wireless network, such as at a coffeeshop or an...