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Shaun Inman's latest web-app sensation now with OS X integration. Enjoy Fever's rich RSS experience while taking advantage of Cocoa and all of the other modern technologies in Mac OS X. So what's cool? System-wide Integration Filling the void where...


Clips 2.0.5

Use Clips to increase productivity during your daily computing experience. Try Clips today and enjoy clipboard management, the Mac way. When Clips is running you won't even notice it. Its advanced architecture allows it to sit in the background and...


Rubbernet 1.2

Rubbernet keeps an eye on all network-enabled apps running on your Mac. Real-time network dashboard Rubbernet provides real-time monitoring so you can keep an eye on the exact state of your live network connections. With the Activity sidebar, you'll...

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Snippets 1.3.1

Dramatically speed up your typing instantly! Set up a list of snippets that you frequently use, assign short abbreviations to them, and voila. Next time you type in that abbreviation, Snippets will expand it on the fly with the whole snippet. Say...

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Tracks 1.8.1

Search and play your music and the iTunes Store songs from any application: Tracks lives in your menubar and can be accessed from a global keyboard shortcut. Simply type in the first few letters of the song you want to play and hit enter.What is new in...


Linkinus 2.4.3

Linkinus is the most advanced and easy-to-use IRC client for Mac OS X. Connect to thousands of IRC networks all over the world and find people to talk to about any topic, from sports to computers, cooking to auto repair.What is new in this release: Fixes...