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FoxTrot Search Server

FoxTrot Search Server 6.0.4 updated

Extending the client-server features contained in FoxTrot Professional Search, FoxTrot Search Server enables organizations to deploy faceless indexing and search services either on a file server itself or on a machine indexing files across a...

FoxTrot Personal Search

FoxTrot Personal Search 6.0.4 updated

Expanding the possibilities of Apple's Spotlight, FoxTrot Personal Search is a powerful find-by-content tool that delivers dynamic categorization, context-sensitive display of found items, flexible relevance-ranking and five different approaches to...


PowerMail 6.2.1

Built on top of the PowerMail Engine, a robust cross-platform foundation encapsulating 9 years of messaging and directory experience, PowerMail is continuously enhanced with the following objectives: Establish a lean, mean and efficient alternative e-mail...