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APItest 1.2

APItest is a command line app meant for web developers or IT pros to test web based APIs. With it you can connect to any server, submit data and parse the results. Windows and Linux binaries are available. Here are some of its features: Supports HTTP and...


DB 2 HTML 1.0

DB 2 HTML is a utility to export data from a database to HTML. It supports the following databases: - MS SQL Server - Oracle Server (requires Oracle 32bits client) - MySQL - SQLite 3 - Generic ODBC Binaries for Windows and Linux are...


NodePoint 1.0.1

NodePoint is a free ticket management system based on Bootstrap meant to be elegant, easy to install and easy to use, yet still offer many typical features such as user management, access levels, commenting, release tracking, email notifications and a...


Countdown 1.0

A simple countdown app with both count down and timer functions, allowing you to count anything and everything. Binaries for Windows XP and up, along with Linux, are available. For any feedback or questions, contact me through my web...

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