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DEVONagent Express

DEVONagent Express 3.9.8 updated

DEVONagent Express combines the ease-of-use and ubiquity of Spotlight with the powerful web search technology of DEVONagent. Just like Spotlight searches your computer DEVONagent Express searches the web and presents the results directly in its menu.What...

DEVONagent Pro

DEVONagent Pro 3.9.8 updated

The knowledge of mankind doubles every one to two years, speed increasing. How to cope with this unbelievable huge mass of data? How to find that very document you are looking for? How to find the answer to your question? DEVONagent is the solution for...

DEVONagent Lite

DEVONagent Lite 3.9.8 updated

DEVONagent Lite puts web search where it belongs: next to Spotlight into your menu bar. Search all major and many specialized search engines and databases with a single click.What is new in this release: Help > Report Bug sets the receiver if Postbox...

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Grid 1.0

You love working with many windows open but you are using the keyboard much more often than the mouse? -- Grid moves and resizes your windows with a single keystroke. Choose your grid and have everything nicely...

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PhotoStickies puts all your favorite pictures on your desktop, as stickies, floating or even borderless. Sticky pictures may reside on your computer, or on the Internet. It displays live Web cams on your desktop, updates them automatically, and even...