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iMazing 2.5.4 updated

iMazing is a file manager for iPod, iPhone or iPad. It can transfer any type of files between any device and any computer, Mac or PC, via a high speed USB or Wi-Fi connection. iMazing sports a two way super simple music manager that does not require a...

iMazing Mini

iMazing Mini 2.5.4 updated

iMazing Mini is the free Mac and PC app which backs up your iOS devices automatically, wirelessly, and privately. Encrypted backups via your local Wi-Fi network, to your chosen location and drive. Configure when and how frequently each of your devices is...


iMazing 1.2.4 updated

iMazing lets you connect your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad via USB or Wi-Fi and use it as external storage, just as an iPhone USB drive! Transfer All Media, Data & Settings to the New iPhone 6 Transfer all your iPhone data to a new device running iOS 8...

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PicsAid 1.5

PicsAid copies pictures from computer to device, and it does not allow copying photos back. PicsAid copies pictures from any Apple mobile device. It salvages your pictures from your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Transfer iPod, iPhone and iPad photo albums synced...


TuneDNA 1.0

Discover music based on your personal preferences using TuneDNA. Features include one-click scoring of iTunes or iPod tracks based on PlayCounts and Ratings; the ability to save your scorecard (musical DNA) and send it to friends; the ability to match...


PicsAid 1.4

Copy your Photo Library now ! Transfer iPod, iPhone and iPad Photo Albums synced with iTunes. Recover lost picture files: Computer crash or theft: salvage your pictures from your iPod, iPhone and iPad. Works with iPod, iPhone, iPad: PicsAid copies...