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PlaybackPro Plus

PlaybackPro Plus 3.7.2 updated

PlaybackPro Plus is the newest addition to the PlaybackPro Collection, and is available to all owners of PlaybackPro Collection Enabler Keys. While PlaybackPro is a highly efficient single channel video player, PlaybackPro Plus is a multi-channel (plus...


InstaCue 1.3.1 updated

Part of the PlaybackPro Collection, InstaCue provides simple, yet powerful, live audio playback. Uses: Professional Live Music Playback Show Announcements and Voice Overs Layered Sound Effects Game Shows Broadway Sound Effects Broadcast Sound...


PlaybackPro 2.4 updated

PlaybackPro is designed as a more functional replacement for hardware DDRs. Used in the Live Event and Broadcast industries, it gives the operator unprecedented control and flexibility over each individual clip, including geometry, levels, fading and...

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RecordPro 1.3.0

RecordPro is a part of the PlaybackPro Collection and allows video to be recorded from a standard capture device such as a DV deck or camera via firewire or a capture card. Capture device settings can be setup once and saved for later...